Obama era ends in a pathetic way.

When Barack Obama became President he brought a lot of optimism and hope in many Americans. He defined the problems that the nation faced and vowed to meet these challenges head on.

The nation was at war, our economy was badly weakened, healthcare was too expensive and the school system was and ruins. And perhaps worst of all, a fear that America’s decline is inevitable.

Eight years later, he departs the White House in a cloud of disappointment. The Obama administration has fallen far short of the soaring aspiration in which it began.

Obama is the first two-term president to be in one war. He could not end the war in Afghanistan his entire presidency. Furthermore, Obama’s involvement created chaos in Libya, Yemen and Iraq. And the covert intervention in the Syrian civil war led to the creation of ISIS.

Next there is the pathetic way Obama has treated Russia as a menacing rival. Last week the Obama administration expelled 35 Russian diplomats and their families in a desperate retaliation for their government’s supposed hacking.  However the evidence for the hacking presented to the public is so weak and circumstantial it only shows that Obama prefers to lash out at an imaginary enemy beyond the border than to look at his own failures.

Obama administration is throwing pathetic tantrums in its last days. By letting a non-binding resolution condemning Israeli settlements pass at the U.N., the administration received some criticism from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And with a petty response Secretary of State John Kerry scolded Israel for having the “most right-wing government in Israeli history, with an agenda driven by the most extreme elements.

Other inaugural promises have not seen the light of day. More people have health care; however more people also pay more to get the health care they want. Health care costs s have not gone down to meet the standards set by the rest of the world. Furthermore, the education system still fails students as before.

When Obama first came into office he was seen as a genius and political savior. Now he and his own party have fallen into new lows. Obama has nothing more to then to pass the presidency onto the man who questioned his birth certificate.

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