10 movies that will keep you on the edge until the very end !

There isn’t a person that don’t love movies with great stories. Movies that will keep you guessing until the end.

This is a list of 10  movies that you would love and want to watch it again.

1.Hide and seek

Psychiatrist David is forced to reclaim his normal life back after his wife commits suicide.

His daughter finds comfort in her imaginary friend  Charlie.

But, who is Charlie?

2.The double

This movie will really make you think about it in order to find out what is going on. Simon is a shy office worker who nobody notice him, at least not until  his double shows up.

3.Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko is a freak. The story is difficult to understand, but will definitely keep your attention.

4.The Machinist

Trevor Resnick haven’t slept for a year. He looks like a walking skeleton that wonder  between reality and fantasy.

5.The Box

Arthur and Norma face financial difficulties and one day receive a package containing a wooden box with a button. Shortly thereafter comes one man  to explain what the box does .

They  have to decide. If they pres the button they will get a million dollars but someone in the world would die. Would they do it ?

6.Being John Malkovich

Craig Schwartz discovers a portal that literally carries him in the head of actor John Malkovich.

7.Wicker Park

Beautiful melodrama that will keep you excited and tense until the end. Will  the lovers meet again?


A gut  accidentally finds his  twin in the movie and becomes obsessed with him.


10 strangers in a lonely motel find out that someone is killing them one by one.

10.The Life of David Gale

Perhaps one of the best movies that show the human struggle with the legal system.


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