Kellyanne Conway Completely DESTROYS Liberal Media Out to Get Her

A fake report surfaced over the weekend that claims Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump leaked damaging information to the press. Kelleyanne’s response puts all that to rest!

Ms. Conway went on Fox News to give a response to the allegations and it is epic:

“If I were a great leaker, I’d get much better press, don’t you think? Part of why I don’t is because I won’t divulge confidential information.”

She went on further to discuss the claims that she was overheard bashing White House legislative Affairs Director Marc Short and ‘wondering what he does all day’:

“…Marc Short is one of my best friends in the West Wing. He came to my wedding 16 years ago. He and Kristen are friends of ours, and our families are close. I don’t wonder what he does every day, I marvel at it.”

Regarding divulging information the President might not want released yet: “The other thing is I never divulge what the president told me. I never would. The president had said publicly that we’ll all find out. We have to wait and see if there are tapes. I repeated that and then converted to no comment.”

The media is just doing what it always does and spinning up stories to make them seem different than they are in real life. When will this political witch hunt against our president end??

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