Obamacare is GONE! But that’s not all! You WON’T BELIEVE what new Health Care Bill will do!

On Thursday, the House Republicans approved the revised GOP health care bill known as the American Health Care Act (AHCA). This is a major victory for President Trump who campaigned on the promise that he would finally end Obamacare for good.

After the first bill failed to pass in the house, it was revised to appeal to both the Freedom Caucus members as well as moderates. Trump has high expectations for the bill in the Senate and already sees it as a huge win for Republicans.

Not only will this bill end the failed Obamacare for good, but it will also reduce taxes that went towards funding the ACA. Over a period of the next ten years, the new GOP Health Care bill is expected to cut around $765 billion in taxes. The Bill will also end the penalties imposed on people for not having coverage for all 12 months of the year. All of the saved tax dollars will stay in the pockets of the American people.

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