Trump Never Backs Down !!!

Despite all the pressure from fellow Republicans to exit the presidential race, Donald Trump refuses to end his campaign. In the face of the second debate with Clinton, Trump said that he has never withdrawn in his life, and doesn’t plan to do now.

The heat came after the release of old video footage, dating back to 2005, where Trump was bragging in quit explicit terms about his move on a married women and that he could get away with anything thanks to his celebrity status.

After the release of the footage, Trump offered an apology in a 90 second video. He said anyone who knows him knows that those words do not reflect who he really is. He said them, he was wrong, and he apologizes. He still is confident in his victory and puts a lot of faith in his supporters.

Trumps’ running mate, Governor Mike Pence, said he is grateful that Trump apologized and expressed remorse. Also his wife Melania, released a statement where she is urging voters to accept his apology, and that the focus should be on more important issues.

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