WOW! The President Is Getting Things DONE! Take A Look At Trump’s Infrastructure Plan!

President Trump released his weekly address today where he speaks directly and candidly with the American people without the BIASED mainstream media twisting and turning it to their narrative. He had a strong message for we the people!

His message this week was about how the Trump administration is boosting the American economy by rolling back unnecessary regulations preventing corporations from investing money into our infrastructure and our people.

“We are the country that built the Golden Gate Bridge in four years and the Hoover Dam in five. Now it takes as much as a decade just to plan a major permit…and that’s ridiculous and it’s going to change.”

“it’s holding our economy back. But now our economy is starting to roar. And it’s time to rebuild our nation. And we have to think big.”

The president then went over his new infrastructure plan and how he is getting the government out of the infrastructure business.

Trump then went over his plan to privatize air traffic control.

“We are proposing to move our air traffic control system to a new self-financing, non-profit organization. It won’t need any taxpayer money and the FAA will still be in charge of safety.”

Trump knows that our infrastructure is the backbone of this economy and his plan to complete a partnership between the federal government, individual states, and private companies will get the miles and miles of infrastructure back to work for the people of this great nation.


As always, President Trump ends his address with God bless you and God bless America! Thank you President Trump for all the work that you are doing!

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