WOW! Trump asked Asked These Students What’s The Name of The Rocket They Build, Their Answer Left Him SPEECHLESS

President Trump is busy celebrating the amazing job that he has done so far. Recently, he invited a student model rocket team from Victory Christian Center School in Charlotte, N.C. to the White House on Friday.

Isn’t he a great President. Trump is working hard to make this country great again and he is one of the most open presidents that we have ever seen.

The group that you are about to see the in full video below is competing among 100 teams in the Team America Rocketry Challenge, which is a competition held in northern Virginia.


Trump asked the students why the rocket was named after him.

Then one of the students replied “SIMPLY BECAUSE IT CONQUERS ALL.”

Trump then said, “They’re never going to put that on television.”

Then Trump told the students that they should come back to the White House if they win the competition.

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